Twitch makes troubling music copyright changes, labels respond

Twitch has announced some pretty rough new guidelines to playing music within streams, severely-restricting content creators from using any music that they don’t own. Essentially, if you didn’t make it yourself, your stream is at risk of getting taken down.

While this will severely hinder future streams across the board, there is good news in the response of some of our favorite labels. In a Twitter thread that posed the question to several labels, Pure Noise Records, Rise Records, UNFD, and Fearless Records stated that they have no issue if a streamer uses music from their label.

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Crossfaith still manage to impress with newest EP, SPECIES (review)

Crossfaith, 2020

I’m recalling a time in 2010 when I was just starting to get into the heavier side of music. Sifting through similar bands, I came across Crossfaith’s The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty and thoroughly enjoyed the short-but-sweet LP with a hard-hitting synth focus. Fast-forward ten years, and Crossfaith has persisted and signed to the fantastic UNFD record label ahead of their EX_MACHINA release in 2018. Today I’ll dive into their new EP SPECIES, one I’m quite looking forward to!

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Ocean Grove Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Australian rockers Ocean Grove just released their new album Flip Phone Fantasy last week, but they have been met with awful news.

In a statement on their social media this evening, they announced that a member of the band has tested positive for the dreaded Coronavirus. This bad news comes after the band took part in meet-and-greets, so the announcement came with the advisory to get tested if any symptoms show.

This is a horrible development, as the band was on the upswing after this high-octane release. New Fury wishes the band well and hopes for a speedy recovery to this member, who the band did not reveal out of respect.

In Hearts Wake Returns with Disturbing “Worldwide Suicide” Music Video

In the aftermath of a lot of depressing music announcements this week, we have something wonderful to share with you today. It couldn’t be a more appropriate time for this to happen, but In Hearts Wake has made their triumphant return with “Worldwide Suicide.” Accompanied by a truly devastating video, the message of “Ecocide is Suicide” is expressed through and through.

In Hearts Wake proved to be yet another example of the incredible metal scene that sprouted from Australia throughout the 2010’s with memorable performances on Earthwalker and Skydancer. This new track’s sound expands upon the artist’s bouncy, in-your-face presentation by lyrically putting the world on blast.

In crafting this song, the band wrote in a post today: “During our time recording, the bushfires broke out back home in Australia. We felt helpless as we watched the crisis unfold from abroad. Lives were lost & over 1 billion animals died. Feelings of frustration & sadness. All we could do was pour ourselves into music.”

Here’s the best part: For every 1,000 views the video receives (which is sure to be plenty), the band will natively plant a tree to help recuperate the dismaying Australian environment. It is wholesome to see a band push this message and back it up as well. More In Hearts Wake is always welcome to my ears!