Is ‘Disambiguation’ actually Underoath’s best album? An analysis

Define The Great Line is often hailed as the archetypal Underoath album. And why not? It’s one of the more notable artistic achievements of 2000’s metalcore, as the Florida-based band really honed their songwriting skills to create a harrowing, yet anthemic record. Who amongst us can’t say they’ve sung along really loud to “Writing In The Walls” while posting on Myspace?

That being said, the band’s most impressive achievement might be on 2010’s Disambiguation. Why, you ask? Beyond the sheer musicality of the album, which impresses on its own with a much darker tone that narrated vocalist Spencer Chamberlain’s battles with personal demons, the album also has no Aaron Gillespie on it to provide the light/dark balance of the band’s previous albums. No matter, though. Daniel Davison proved a more than capable fill-in behind the kit, giving Spencer ample spotlight to shine.

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Savage Hands vocalist Mike Garrow talks “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Polaris, and their upcoming tour

Interview: Savage Hands

having released a successful debut EP and signing with Sharptone Records a couple years ago, Savage Hands deliver post-hardcore with huge hooks. Their debut album, The Truth In Your Eyes, drops this Friday – and we were fortunate enough to interview vocalist Mike Garrow from the band as well. Check out our discussion below, and read our review of the record here.

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The Almost (Aaron Gillespie of Underoath) to play “Southern Weather” in its entirety on upcoming headlining tour

The Almost, the brainchild of¬†Underoath drummer/vocalist and multi-talented artist Aaron Gillespie, have shared the details of their upcoming 2020 headlining tour. While the band will be touring in support of their new album Fear Caller, older fans of the band will really enjoy the album they’ll be celebrating on the tour as well.

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Underoath officially releases ‘Erase Me’ bonus track, “Loneliness”

While Underoath released their comeback album Erase Me just last year, Underoath certainly have been busy- playing alongside the likes of Breaking Benjamin and Skillet, alongside headlining their own sizable shows across the world. The metalcore veterans may have dialed things back a bit on Erase Me, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less relevant.

For fans who may have been let down by the record, the band’s “new” song, “Loneliness” (which is actually a Target bonus track from the album), is awfully impressive. The drums are reminscent of the music and production found on 2006’s Define The Great Line, while the music is a bit more familiar to newer fans of the band. It’s an interesting blend of old and new, to be sure.

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