Underoath officially releases ‘Erase Me’ bonus track, “Loneliness”

While Underoath released their comeback album Erase Me just last year, Underoath certainly have been busy- playing alongside the likes of Breaking Benjamin and Skillet, alongside headlining their own sizable shows across the world. The metalcore veterans may have dialed things back a bit on Erase Me, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less relevant.

For fans who may have been let down by the record, the band’s “new” song, “Loneliness” (which is actually a Target bonus track from the album), is awfully impressive. The drums are reminscent of the music and production found on 2006’s Define The Great Line, while the music is a bit more familiar to newer fans of the band. It’s an interesting blend of old and new, to be sure.

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Petition surfaces online to give Underoath the keys to the city of Tampa

Plenty of iconic bands have made the Sunshine State their home over the years, from Orlando’s Trivium, to Jacksonville’s Limp Bizkit, to Gainesville’s Tom Petty. The list of huge bands in almost every genre from the state are almost neverending. The Tampa Bay area, and in particular Tampa, are fairly well-represented as bands like Savatage, The Outlaws, Copeland, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra are from the immediate area.

Inarguably one of the biggest bands to emerge from the area, Underoath have called Tampa home for a long, long time – routinely culminating their tours at St Pete’s Jannus Landing, or other local venues. The band just filled the Yuengling Center last Friday, bringing together over 4,000 fans on the last date of their headlining tour last Friday – and they’re touring arenas with Breaking Benjamin in the fall. Which makes the revelation that there’s now a petition for the band to be honored by their hometown with a key to the city all the more relevant.

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Young And Aspiring: A Beginner’s Guide To Underoath

In their 20 year history as one of the most important post-hardcore/metalcore bands in the music scene, Tampa’s Underoath have influenced a legion of veteran bands themselves, like The Devil Wears Prada and August Burns Red. Their albums have managed to chart high on the Billboard Top 200, and few regional acts can rival their stature and intriguing evolution. With multiple candidates that could be confirmed career-defining records, it’s hard to find fault in most of their work. Their fanbase continues to grow after their breakup a few years back, as their final shows of the year saw the band taking over the Yuengling Center for their first real arena show. Impressive.

Join us as we examine the band’s history over the years and their musical and stylistic evolution, starting with a pair of albums that had a very different vocalist, and a genre that might shock a newer fan if they were unfamiliar…

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REVIEW: Underoath reunite – and reinvent – on new album “Erase Me”

Reunion albums can typically go down one of two distinct paths. After years away from releasing music, many bands pick up right where they left off before their breakups, making up for lost time by either returning to their roots, or by continuing to progress the sounds of their most recent material. This is a respectable path, and gives successful bands who may have been gone for several years or more the ability to reconnect with their old fanbase while still pushing themselves artistically. However, once in a while a major band will reunite and go down a very different path. Channeling the members’ changed musical visions and life experiences in their years apart, these bands attempt to redraw the core boundaries of what they stand for artistically and sonically. The resulting works are less reunion albums than they are “reinvention albums”.

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