2003 demo of Underoath’s “Reinventing Your Exit” surfaces – with Dallas Taylor on vocals

Once upon a time, metalcore band Underoath were an outfit trying to gain traction in the underground. While 2002’s The Changing Of Times shed many of their previous black and even death metal influences for something much more accessible, the departure of vocalist Dallas Taylor certainly left a void for the young band. Luckily, Spencer Chamberlain joined shortly after, and the rest is history.

However, a new demo version of “Reinventing Your Exit” from 2003 has surfaced, and notably, it features the vocals of Dallas Taylor – shortly before the band parted ways (and Taylor formed Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster). Entitled “Heatherwood”, the demo surfaced online just this morning, so it’s interesting to compare the vocalists – who were both quite young at the time. Also, the band will be performing this song – and others – on a livestream tonight. They’re Only Chasing Safety in full. Don’t miss out.

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Underoath to play three classic albums in full during upcoming livestreams

Oh, how the plot thickens. While Underoath’s summer tour with Slipknot has unfortunately been scrapped, there is good news for fans of the Florida metalcore band. Underoath has announced an exciting new series of livestream shows, where they’ll be playing three of their classic records in their entirety.

The series, which is entitled Underoath: Observatory, will feature the band playing three shows starting July 17th. It all starts with their 2008 album Lost in the Sound of Separation, Define the Great Line on July 24th, and They’re Only Chasing Safety on July 31st. All shows are at 8 PM EST.

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Underoath to go in-depth about “They’re Only Chasing Safety” via Twitch on June 30th

Earlier this year, critically adored metalcore band Underoath launched a weekly series on their Twitch channel. During the episodes, the band streams an album from its catalog in full and goes into detail about the writing and recording processes. This week’s live episode kicks off at 8pm ET on Tuesday, June 30th, and will boast an in-depth discussion of 2004’s landmark They’re Only Chasing Safety. This album was a monumental milestone in the band’s honored and infuential career. It’s the album that introduced me to them and sparked my love for Underoath, and we’re sure that’s the case for many others as well.

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Is ‘Disambiguation’ actually Underoath’s best album? An analysis

Define The Great Line is often hailed as the archetypal Underoath album. And why not? It’s one of the more notable artistic achievements of 2000’s metalcore, as the Florida-based band really honed their songwriting skills to create a harrowing, yet anthemic record. Who amongst us can’t say they’ve sung along really loud to “Writing In The Walls” while posting on Myspace?

That being said, the band’s most impressive achievement might be on 2010’s Disambiguation. Why, you ask? Beyond the sheer musicality of the album, which impresses on its own with a much darker tone that narrated vocalist Spencer Chamberlain’s battles with personal demons, the album also has no Aaron Gillespie on it to provide the light/dark balance of the band’s previous albums. No matter, though. Daniel Davison proved a more than capable fill-in behind the kit, giving Spencer ample spotlight to shine.

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