EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Phil Bayer (ex-Time, the Valuator) reveals new project and where he’s been

Philipp Bayer, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I can be the first one to find out what past Time, the Valuator vocalist Philipp Bayer has been up to since his departure from the band in 2018. Phil is known for his incredible highs, which he delivered with flair in the band’s underrated album How Fleeting, How Fragile. Today, I get to catch up with the talented singer and see what he has in store for the world:

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Interview: Time, The Valuator

Trying to narrow down what genre German band Time, The Valuator belongs in will leave you perplexed; the band seamlessly blends alternative rock, metal, jazz, pop and even ambient elements into their songs. With their debut album, “How Fleeing, How Fragile”, due out August 3rd, 2018 via Famined/Long Branch Records, guitarist/pianist Rene Möllenbeck took the time to answer some questions from me in hopes of gaining some new exposure from folks who aren’t familiar with the band. Give them a like on Facebook and preorder the album from your favorite outlet here. Be sure to support these guys: their album is quite possibly one of the most unique and memorable ones that I’ve heard so far this year.

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