Thy Art Is Murder destroy previous chart records with new album “Dear Desolation”

Quick, name an extreme metal band that sells a solid amount of records in their first week. Cannibal Corpse? Death metal legends in their 3rd decade. Dying Fetus? Their newest record made the Billboard Top 200, albeit barely. Suffocation? Immolation? Both popular and successful death metal bands, but you’ll never see them topping the charts.

Australia’s popular deathcore/death metal act Thy Art Is Murder have entered the upper echelon of metal popularity, though. They just scored a #5 debut on the ARIA charts with their new record, Dear Desolation, as well as hitting high placements in other countries (a Billboard Top 100 spot in the USA). Besides making a good record, it’s clear that TAIM are in the big leagues to stay, having successfully adapted a more death metal approach without losing their core identity.

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Thy Art Is Murder’s upcoming full-length “Dear Desolation” is the band’s most forward-thinking work to date

You can add Dear Desolation, the upcoming 4th full-length from Aussie metal band Thy Art Is Murder, to the list of Will Putney-produced works. And it might just reign supreme as the best album Putney has produced to date. CJ McMahon’s vocals are a little more vitriolic, Lee Stanton’s drumming has improved tenfold, and TAIM successfully explores a slightly more groove-oriented, death metal-influenced sound.

I can’t stress enough how awe-inspiring Stanton’s drumwork is. As a music aficionado, all it takes is one listen to the rapid-fire drum fills on album highlight “Slaves Beyond Death” to realize that there might not be an actual drumming behind the kit – because Lee Stanton is a machine gun. And while Dear Desolation isn’t necessarily a perfect metal record, it is the necessary evolution Thy Art Is Murder needed. They’ve reached new heights here, and it’s quite clear that the bar has been raised.

Make sure to peep the US tour dates below surrounding their tour with Decapitated, Fallujah, and Ghost Bath, which starts August 20th.

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Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon on the band’s upcoming album: “I think you can expect it to be slightly different”

With the upcoming release of their new album Dear Desolation, Australian metal band Thy Art Is Murder continue to reach new heights in popularity across the world. Quite shocking for a band that plays some seriously abrasive music. And given CJ’s recent return to the band, they’re better than ever.

In a recent interview w/Decibel Magazine, McMahon talked about the state of deathcore overall, the band’s upcoming album, and touring with Polish death metal band Decapitated. You can check out the full interview right here, as well as a couple questions below.

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Are Carnifex and Thy Art Is Murder plotting a tour together?

Astute minds know that Carnifex and Thy Art Is Murder are two of the most prominent deathcore bands that have not abandoned the genre, yet have still managed to also take the genre into unexpected depths and tides. Both bands have been around a decade, and given the success of Carnifex’s headlining tour earlier this year, they in particular seem to be getting better with age.

That being said, fans have surely been clamoring for a tour featuring the two bands, and while they’ve played many festivals and toured before (most recently, Impericon’s Never Say Die! Tour of Europe in 2016), a huge, full tour of North America or Europe (or Antarctica – whatever works!) would certainly be of particular excitement to the legion of passionate fans the two bands have amassed over the years. Don’t believe us? Carnifex recently teased the possibility themselves in a Facebook post, which you can find below. Carnifex is still supporting their most recent album Slow Death, while Thy Art Is Murder recently reunited with vocalist CJ McMahon after a little over a year apart.

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