Thy Art Is Murder releases heavy new song, “Death Perception”

Just over a year after the release of their 3rd album Dear Desolation, Aussie metal horde Thy Art Is Murder is back with a new song, “Death Perception”. The new track is a quick burst of metal fury, and it’s not a surprise that it’s a B-side from last year’s Dear Desolation record as well – thanks to our friends at KillYourStereo for that tidbit of info. If you like blast beats, you’ll love the hell out of this song, for sure. It is, like KYS says, one of the band’s best breakdowns since the much-loved Hate album was released, more than anything else.

Stream the new song in the comments, and be sure to leave your thoughts below. The band just finished up a huge support tour with Parkway Drive and Killswitch Engage, so perhaps they’ll be playing the new track live in other venues soon. We can only hope.

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Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon explains why they don’t perform “Whore To A Chainsaw” live: “That song was written by a pissed off individual”

Anyone who has seen Thy Art Is Murder recently knows that the Australian metal band knows they put on an incendiary live show. However, fans may notice a fairly obvious omission from their live setlists – namely the lack of any songs off their acclaimed EP, Infinite Death. And though the band used to be known for their lyrics, which were often considered misogynistic and violent towards women, a video has surfaced from back in August where vocalist CJ McMahon (who hadn’t joined the band until after that EP’s release) addresses a packed crowd on the band’s Double Homicide tour. He had harsh words concerning the song, saying “We’re not going to play that fucking song”, in regards to “Whore To A Chainsaw”.

Considering the band’s massive fan base, this couldn’t have been an easy decision. No matter where you stand on the validity of censorship and the violent nature of many death metal bands, it’s a ballsy and respectable decision, to be sure. Check out the full video below, which also segues into “The Son Of Misery”.

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Thy Art Is Murder destroy previous chart records with new album “Dear Desolation”

Quick, name an extreme metal band that sells a solid amount of records in their first week. Cannibal Corpse? Death metal legends in their 3rd decade. Dying Fetus? Their newest record made the Billboard Top 200, albeit barely. Suffocation? Immolation? Both popular and successful death metal bands, but you’ll never see them topping the charts.

Australia’s popular deathcore/death metal act Thy Art Is Murder have entered the upper echelon of metal popularity, though. They just scored a #5 debut on the ARIA charts with their new record, Dear Desolation, as well as hitting high placements in other countries (a Billboard Top 100 spot in the USA). Besides making a good record, it’s clear that TAIM are in the big leagues to stay, having successfully adapted a more death metal approach without losing their core identity.

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