Watch The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk play on a custom kit

Whether or not they make music and/or tour again, you have to admire The Ghost Inside’s dedication to soldier on after a van accident that shattered their lives. Despite the physical and mental toll that event took on their bodies, one thing is for sure – their spirits weren’t broken by it. A real testament to the lyrics they’ve written over the years, really.

Even more inspiring is seeing drummer Andrew Tkaczyk play on a custom kit made for him, despite losing his leg in the aforementioned accident. Andrew had this to say in the video (which you can watch below).

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The Ghost Inside discusses comeback plans: “Yes, there is a future for TGI”

After issuing a Q&A and filming (sort of) themselves at band practice, The Ghost Inside have issued a lengthy statement concerning their immediate future. Their bus crash, which predictably left the band between the (side) lines, can’t bring them down. In fact, it’s downright inspiring how the band continues to press on despite the physical and likely mental toll the whole situation has taken.

Even better is the fact that for the foreseeable future, TGI will be taking fans on a journey to tell about their progress every Monday, and the personal trials they’ve overcome the last few years. Truly inspiring stuff right here. You an read the full statement after the jump.

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The Ghost Inside reunite for first band practice since their 2015 accident: “Last night…we finally pushed play”

It’s amazing what tragedy and adversity can teach us. The human spirit is conditioned to overcome even the most tragic events, like a family member or close friend passing away. For California hardcore band The Ghost Inside, that’s just what they did following their harrowing bus crash in late 2015. While the band has predictably taken plenty of time off, they recently took to Facebook to stream both a Q&A session celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album Fury And The Fallen Ones, as well as streaming the band at practice – though the latter isn’t actually shown in action.

Still, this is welcome news for any fan of the band. In a music scene that’s often divided by ideologies and cliques, The Ghost Inside’s perseverance is something anyone can appreciate.

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Returning From Blue And Gold: 10 of The Ghost Inside’s Most Important Songs


Regardless of whether you like them a lot or a little, the fact that The Ghost Inside continue to heal broken limbs and shattered lives in the tragic vehicle accident that happened a year ago this month, is nothing short of admirable. Everyone should be cheering for a band like this. The fact that they’ll be back playing Warped Tour 2017 is incredible as well. The melodic hardcore band from Cali is an inspiration to anyone who’s a musician, and certainly anyone having to overcome severe adversity in life. I can easily say this: when the band plays live again, it will be one of the most epic comeback tours in our music scene.

The band has also been around for over a decade now, but only recently started experiencing the success that has led to headlining tours and high-profile festival slots. This can be attributed to creating solid albums filled with songs that truly move the soul. Given that the band has released 4 full-lengths in their career, it’s a good time to list ten of The Ghost Inside’s best songs. Check out the list below.

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