FEST: Sunday

FEST: Sunday
Gainesville, FL

The third and final day of FEST was Sunday, November 1st. Even though it was the last day of bands, food, and friends, it was still just as much fun as the past two days (or four, if you’re counting Pre Fest!) were. Read on after the jump to see how it was.

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FEST: Friday

Gainesville, FL 10/30-11/1

FEST, which takes place in Gainesville, FL, is an amazing three days full of music, friends, and absurdly delicious food. People travel from all over the United States (and from out of the country, too!), to come spend a three day weekend in Northern Florida with old and new friends. With a stacked lineup and countless venues, there’s no way that you wouldn’t have the time of your life at FEST. To add to the FEST-ivities, the second day of FEST fell on Halloween—I spotted Bert Macklin, F.B.I, more Bob’s Burgers characters than I could keep track of, and people walking around in pizza costumes. Read on after the jump to see just how wonderful FEST 14 really was.

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