Tesseract vocalist Daniel Tompkins releases striking covers of Thrice, Deftones’ “Digital Bath” – listen

When he’s not recording music with Tesseract, synthwave collaboration Zeta, solo music, or even White Moth Black Butterfly, acclaimed vocalist Daniel Tompkins is seemingly always up to something interesting. Whether it’s streaming Borderlands on his Twitch account or podcasting about industry topics, there’s never a dull moment for the Tesseract frontman, who also finds the time to do vocal coaching as well.

Recently, Tompkins has taken on some interesting songs to cover, too – with just his voice. Proving that he’s adept enough to handle different styles of music, it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he pulled off covers of Thrice’s “The Whaler” or Deftones’ “Digital Bath” on his channels recently. Nor should it be a surprise that they’re both really good! Don’t take our word for it, though – give them a listen below.

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Interview: Lone-Survivors

“Millions of years ago, the first elemental bricks of life on a planet in the solar system began a process that led to an evolved life form, the only survivor of the place where it was born… An enigmatic side effect, came from nowhere, changed the game. The divine time was invited, the skull and bones as old chaplets.
Since this meeting in the depths of the ages we have taken a celestial place, we saw the height in our mindedness, and we prevailed on the animal reign. Our destiny written in our genes, nothing could stop this perpetual change. Until the death of the last renegade, reality will still belong to men.
One day we’ll find the finest way to reconnect with the outer space…”
– Taken from the band’s Facebook


Hailing from France, Lone Survivors is a progressive metalcore/djent/progressive band that is sure to be brought to everyone’s attention when they release their debut album Ground Zero later this year. Featuring exceptionally talented musicians from a plethora of different musical backgrounds, the group was solidified by the addition of Matthieu Romarin (of Uneven Structure) on vocals. Mixing technicality with melody and progression, Ground Zero is an absolute thrill to listen to and is bound to make some year end lists when the guys decide to unleash this beast of an album upon the world. Be sure to support these guys by giving them a like on Facebook and be sure to keep an eye on their official site here to get the chance to order some merch or the album itself! I had the chance to chat with Olivier and Francois about a multitude of topics including the overall theme of the album, what it was like trying to recruit a vocalist, how their first ever show went, among many other topics. Be sure to read about it below!

Lone Survivors is:

Olivier Crescence : Bass – Compositor /Author

Samuel Smith : Guitar – Compositor

Francois Lescuyer : Guitar (producer)

Jeremy Piau : Drums

Matthieu Romarin : Vocals

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Watch full live sets from Astronoid, Tesseract, and Plini

Having wrapped up a successful headlining tour in the USA recently as well as playing a headlining set at Download Festival, prog-metal band Tesseract are celebrating the release of their album, Sonder, in style. The band continues to grow in stature, seeing some of their biggest crowds to date – and our friends at Audio Addiction have streamed full, LIVE sets of Tesseract, Plini, and Astronoid from their Sonder North American Tour. Check out all 3 videos below, and if you like what you see, subscribe to his channel – it just reached an impressive 1000 subscribers. Pretty impressive for a one-man army.

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One On One: Tesseract’s Daniel Tompkins discusses “Sonder”, synthwave, and side projects

One cannot accuse Tesseract vocalist Daniel Tompkins of not being a busy guy. Between being a father, a touring musician, and having numerous side projects, the amount of free time he has is likely very low. It’s probably for the best, though. Besides also being a gifted vocal teacher, his other projects Zeta and White Moth Black Butterfly are fairly well-known as well. As they should be – the former is an exciting synthwave/electropop project that also features Chimp Spanner mastermind Paul Antonio Ortiz and Katie Jackson (seriously, listen to the record below, it’s worth your time), and the latter a more ambient and trip-hop influenced album. Think Massive Attack, or somewhere close to it.

It’s that diversity which fuels Daniel, and we had the chance to finally chat with Daniel about coaching the next generation of vocalists, his work with Tesseract, and his two side projects. Give the audio a spin below!

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