Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs releases Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in 20 styles

Enter Sandman in 20 Styles Thumbnail

Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs has released his newest video, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in 20 Styles. His newest auditory kaleidascope rendors the metal classic in the style of such diverse bands as Owl City, John Denver and The Doors as well as exploring genres as varied as lo fi hip hop, Yodeling, and Synthwave.
” I want to start showcasing more metal and rock songs in non metal styles to show non metal listeners that metal and rock songs are just as good if not better than what they listen to. Or I just want to hear bad things sung in nice ways. Ok, a little bit of both. ” – Anthony Vincent


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Interview: Abstract Void

Post-black metal is gradually becoming more popular as time progresses, and it’s more and more difficult to stand out in the genre. Thankfully one-man project Abstract Void is doing something that very few in the genre have done: combining everything that makes post-black metal great and throwing in some synthwave. Now this might seem like a recipe for disaster, but this is executed fantastically, as proven on the 2017 debut album “Into the Blue“. With his upcoming album “Back to Reality” coming out on October 29th, I recently had the chance to talk with the mysterious virtuoso and learn a bit more about the project in the process. Be sure to support this project and like it on Facebook¬†and if you enjoy it, pick it up off Bandcamp! (Note that the album will be name-your-price following release).

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