Sylar announces first-ever Spring headlining tour with Groundculture + more

Coming off a big 2018 that saw the band playing to packed crowds with Beartooth, Knocked Loose, and more, NY rock band Sylar have announced their Spring 2019 tour plans. The band will hit the road on their first ever headline run with the UK’s GroundCulture, and a special guest to be named later. The tour runs from April 18 through June 1. All Sylar tour dates are below.

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South Street Lullaby: Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso goes deep on MNF, new album “Seasons”

When you’re in the music industry as long as we’ve been, you see trends emerge and fade away just as quickly. Plenty of bands we’ve discussed in the past have gone on to bigger things, broken up, or simply ceased to cash in on the momentum they gained quickly. New York rock/nu-metal band fit the first role, but not quite in the way you’d think – their current success with their 2nd album (and 3rd overall) for Hopeless Records, Seasons, certainly didn’t come overnight.

No, this is a band that had nothing handed to them, simply playing basements in their home state of New York. Being from New York City, a diverse melting pot of cultures, gave the band a unique demographic to tap into initially – but it’s Sylar’s willingness to experiment inside of their rap-rock framework that makes them an already successful crossover act. The maturity from their debut album To Whom It May Concern to 2018’s Seasons is an effective one, because one listen to Seasons and both old and new fans will realize that Sylar has a distinct trait – and that’s honesty.

Becoming a father is no small thing, as Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso experienced a few months ago, and it really does change your outlook on life. Weathering life’s “Seasons” can be difficult, but ultimately is rewarding.

We were able to have an extended chat with Jayden last week, as they’re currently supporting Beartooth and Knocked Loose on a massive tour right now. If you’re keen, we dive really deep into the history of the band, as well as having their huge single “All Or Nothing” played on Monday Night Football. Give it a spin below, as well as their new album Seasons.

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Watch Sylar vocalist Jayden Panesso join Knocked Loose to perform “Oblivions Peak”

Currently on tour supporting Beartooth, both Sylar and Knocked Loose are having huge years touring on the support of new records (though KL’s Laugh Tracks was released in 2016), and for the entire tour package, it sure seems like each band on the bill brings something special to the table. Simply put, the tour package is one of the better 3-band bills you’ll see this fall.

Unfortunately, Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris had to leave the tour for unspecified, but serious reasons just a couple days ago. Not wanting to cancel any tour dates, though, the band is having guest vocalists fill in for the rest of the tour. We were at the Orpheum in Tampa tonight, and managed to snag some footage of Jayden Panesso (among others, like Miguel Cardona) filling in for Garris through the set. Check out the footage of Jayden and KL performing “Oblivions Peak”, and don’t miss out on the new Sylar record, Seasons.

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On new full-length “Seasons”, Sylar delivers big hooks and bigger ambitions

New York rock band Sylar have become one of the bigger stories in the music scene as of late. While 2014 debut album To Whom It May Concern delivered a solid dose of nu-metalcore, there was plenty more bubbling on the surface. It was on 2016’s Help! that the band truly came into their own, refining their sound to become more accessible, but also quite a bit more distinct. With their 3rd full-length, Seasons, Sylar refines their sound in mostly positive ways, engaging the listener in the process.

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