FEST: Saturday

Gainesville, Florida

We ventured back out through Gainesville for the second day of FEST on Halloween.  The day was filled with great bands, great food, and seeing a lot of friends.  Take a look at our day after the jump!

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Wrecking Ball: Day Two

Wrecking Ball
Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade
August 9th


Round two of Wrecking Ball for us started with watching Superheaven on the Masquerade Music Park stage. I had seen them earlier this year on a much smaller stage indoors, so catching them play an outdoor set was something new for me. This time, they were the opening band for day two. It was a bit strange to me that they were the first band to play– I would have thought that they drew a large enough crowd to play later in the day. Taylor was super appreciative of everyone that was there to watch them play, saying that he had expected “three or four people” to watch. Playing new material from their latest album, Ours Is Chrome, their set was entertaining and definitely an excellent way to start the day.  Read about the rest of our day after the jump!

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My Thoughts on the “90’s Revival”

I think it goes without saying that in recent years, bands have fallen in love with the 90’s sound. It has changed the outcome of many band’s albums, and in doing so a new wave of the alternative rock sound from way back when is back. To my surprise, it has gained a lot of traction and a lot of bands seem to be following suit. Here is one man’s opinion of this 90’s revival and possibly some advice for new-coming bands who want to head in that direction.

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