Album Review: Kadinja – Super 90′

  • Kadinja – Super 90′ (7.5/10)

Kadinja, hailing from Paris, France, are a Progressive Metal // Technical Progressive band with Djent elements mixed in for good measure! The band released their full-length album ‘Ascendancy’ in 2017 via Klonosphere / Season of Mist. The debut album went on to be praised by fans and the media as complex metal that is needed in the scene right now, and soon exposed the band to amazing touring opportunities, sharing stages with bands like Animals As Leaders, Devin Townsend Project, Klone, Adagio, The Algorithm and Betraying The Martyrs! Only a year after releasing their debut album, in Spring 2018 they jumped back into the studio where they were to record the already written second album ‘Super 90’’. They named the album ‘Super 90’’ because it’s from an era they miss a lot – the 90’s. Let’s see what these boys have got for us this time around! Spoiler alert: the results are pretty good.

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Progressive metal band Kadinja announces nostalgic new record, “Super 90”

Their 2017 full-length debut Ascendancy already made waves in the international progressive metal scene, but France’s Kadinja are already revealing its follow-up, which the band recently discussed on social media. The new album, entitled Super 90, will have the band celebrating, well, the 90’s – one of the best decades for music and culture in recent history. If this sounds appetizing to you, we fully agree. Check out the info below, as well as the band’s record, Ascendancy, if you’re not yet familiar. While the band is fairly new to the scene, Kadinja are a band with bright days yet to come. The present, though, is also nice.

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