INTERVIEW: Sunsleep’s Devin Barrus discusses the band’s name, LP plans

A band that my girlfriend introduced to me that I came to love myself is Sunsleep. With a bold interpretation of post-hardcore, one of the noteworthy parts of the act is the impressive vocals from Devin Barrus. The band has toured with the likes of Picturesque, Dayseeker, and Slaves. Today, we talked to the bright young singer about some hot topics:

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Don’t sleep on Sunsleep

Photographer: Robert Sherman for Resurget Mag

It’s no secret that post-hardcore is on another upswing. Picturesque, Too Close to Touch, Awaken I Am, and several others are bringing a new wave of the genre into thousands of new fans’ ears. One on the rise that has a masterful sound is Sunsleep, who have released a solid amount of songs to take note of.

Dropping singles and an EP here and there since 2017, their most recent track, “Dead,” is a prime example of what Sunsleep has to offer. It checks all the boxes: a chorus that sticks with you past the song’s closure, a stunning vocal performance, competent song structure… the list goes on.

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