Tribute album for Suicide Silence’s “The Cleansing” gets final vocalist announcement

Originally announced in April, Matt Andrews has set up a tribute album in honor of Suicide Silence’s influential debut full-length, covering the entirety of The Cleansing. Today, we learn the extent of the vocalists featured – and it’s a laundry list of some of the best ones in heavy music today.

Tracklist for The Cleansing Tribute Album

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Suicide Silence returns to form on new single, “Meltdown” – listen

We won’t rehash the story for you, but know this – Suicide Silence are a band with plenty to prove going into their upcoming 6th full-length album, Become The Hunter. Their 2017 self-titled full-length, which attempted to shoehorn Deftones-esque melodic sections into their brand of deathcore, simply didn’t work – both commercially or critically. Spawning a legion of “TEEHEE!” memes, the veteran band became something of a running joke in the metal community, though that wasn’t completely warranted considering the quality of their previous material.

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