Stray From The Path premieres new video for “Beneath The Surface”

Stray From The Path have been bringing their politically charged metal/hardcore/hip-hop hybrid to the masses for years. 2009’s Make Your Own History put the band on the map as one of Sumerian Records’ first real breakout bands, and over a decade later, they’re still putting out solid music. Last year, the band released their new full-length, Internal Atomics, and it’s just as incendiary as you’d expect from hearing the band’s earlier work. There’s plenty to be angry about in the world – railing against social and racial injustice have always been the band’s calling card – and they certainly deliver it on Internal Atomics.

The band is now premiering a new video for the song “Beneath The Surface”, which you can watch below. Of particular note, the video itself was directed by the band’s bassist, Anthony Altamura.

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On “Internal Atomics”, Stray From The Path proves their lighthouse is still shining – listen

It’s hard not to be inspired by the success Long Island’s Stray From The Path have garnered in their 10+ year history. Refusing to do anything except stick to their (musical) guns), Stray From The Path don’t bow to trends or shoehorn overwrought technicality into their alternative hardcore. No, the band has continued to inject important political and era-specific diatribes into Internal Atomics, their new record that’s out today. In a world where boorish politicians and world “leaders” throw out completely debunked falsehoods and scare tactics that cause their citizens to fear those who might be different from them, Stray From The Path are here to make you think a little, too.

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Photo Gallery: Anti-Flag / Stray From The Path / The White Noise / Sharptooth / Erabella

Venue – Bottomlounge
Location – Chicago, IL
Date – January 17th, 2018
Lineup – Anti-Flag, Stray From The Path, The White Noise, Sharptooth, Erabella

Sharptooth 01.17.2018 Feel free to share around but DO NOT remove watermark and credit must be given if shared.

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Stray From The Path premiere incendiary new track, “Goodnight Alt-Right”

Recently having teased a new album Only Death Is Real, Stray From The Path are back to challenge your notions of what a politically-oriented alternative hardcore band should sound like in 2017. Given the unstable political climate we live in, there is no better time for the music scene to rise up and challenge injustice.

Clearly, that’s what Stray From The Path are doing with their new song, “Goodnight Alt-Right”. It hits harder than just about anything they’ve ever done, and given this is the same band who wrote Make Your Own History 8 years ago (!!!), that’s saying something. You can stream the song via Spotify below.

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