My Top Ten Albums: Tim King Of SOiL

Tim_King-display-300x300 (1)Recently we caught up with Tim King (Bass) of Pavement Entertainment act SOil. We asked him to share his top ten albums of all time with us. Tim is a founding member of SOiL after the departure of Death Metal band Oppressor in 1999. Not to mention he is A&R for Pavement Entertainment after its recent rebirth.  Tim has dabbled in the music scene for awhile now and provides a great insight.

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Interview: Tim King of SOiL


Tim_King-displaySOiL is a hard rock/alternative metal band playing out of Chicago, Illinois. The owner of Rise Above The Anchor recently interviewed their bass player, Tim King and talked about having Ryan back with them, their new album releasing and just getting inside the mind of Tim to get a better feel of the band known as SOiL.




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Review: SOiL – “Whole”









RATING: 8 /10


Whole is SOiL’s first release with original vocalist Ryan McCombs since 2004’s Redefine, and the band is back to basics with a vengeance. Whole is a solid rock album that shows McCombs making a comfortable return back to the band.
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