Interview: Gary Mader Of Eyehategod

EHG picture

I caught up with Gary Mader of Eyehategod outside of The Orpheum in Ybor City before their set, we talked about the band’s new self titled album, their new drummer, and more. Eyehategod just finished wrapping up their tour with Ringworm and Enabler, but they have plenty of touring coming up, so be on the lookout.

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Band Of The Week: Lord Mantis

lordmantis2009 saw the birth of Chicago’s Lord Mantis with their debut record, Spawning the Nephilim, and they have proceeded to rise from the depths in the next five years, spreading their filth virally with every set of speakers they embrace. Throughout the years, they have displayed a very unique sound that melds the doomiest, most skull-crushing aspects of sludge metal with the atmosphere and intensity found in black metal.


Their malicious and offensive lyrics are coupled with their noisy and stomach-churning sound, which makes for some very inaccessible, yet almost euphoric, music. Their latest record, Death Mask, easily demonstrates Lord Mantis at their most primal and visceral, even as they continue to bend genres and push the envelope.
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