5 heavy bands that are poised to explode in 2020

While this year has been turbulent, there’s no denying that we’ve gotten some great music out of it. Some bands are really coming into their own and making their voice heard, being a shining light in one of the worst years we can recall. I’m beyond glad to see these bands get the spotlight, as the effort exuded matches some undeniable talent. Take a gander at the bands that are ruling 2020.

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Worship The Cult: Join the fascinating, genre-bending musical cult of Sleep Token

If you haven’t already figured it out, we’re big fans of what Sleep Token are doing. The band, who purposely have masked their identities in order to present a mysterious side to their personas, create even more hard-to-define music. Though the band has only released 2 short EP’s to date, they’re currently releasing a new single every two weeks until the November drop date of their debut album Sundowning, and the hype is surely building to a fever pitch.

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Sleep Token demands your worship with new ritual, “Jaws”

If you haven’t noticed yet, we really think masked enigma collective Sleep Token is one to take note of immediately. With just 2 short EP’s to their name, Sleep Token has really put themselves on the map with a unique sound that brings to mind a combination of Bon Iver, Periphery, Uneven Structure, and maybe even Radiohead. If that sounds appetizing (it should), the next ritual of worship is on display with new single, “Jaws”. It’s a devastatingly effective ebb and flow effect that drives this new song, and it’s something you really have to hear to understand. It’s unclear if it’s a stand-alone single or it’s a prelude to something more, but either way, you’re likely to be hooked just like we are.

Worship Him. Praise Him.

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Bon Iver meets Uneven Structure? Meet the mysterious Basick Records signing that has everyone talking

No stranger to unconventional and groundbreaking signings, Basick Records (home to forward-thinking bands like Devil Sold His Soul, Uneven Structure, and Skyharbor) have signed perhaps the most interesting band in their catalogue yet – the mysterious Sleep Token. The band’s new EP, Two, is due out July 21st – and it is an utterly brilliant and nearly uncategorizable work of art that lies somewhere between the ethereal vocals of Bon Iver/James Blake and the more progressive/ambient leanings of bands like Uneven Structure and even Deftones.

Seriously, listen to these songs. “Thread The Needle”, in particular, is a 6+ minute song epic that takes the conventions of post-rock’s ebb and flow to seemingly grander heights. Sleep Token are adept at this contrast in styles through pretty much every song, though. I won’t waste much more time talking – you should probably just listen to Sleep Token at this point. Rest assured, everyone will be talking about them soon – despite being shrouded in secrecy, they have no choice but to step into the light now.

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