Can Musicians Thrive Without Live Shows? Here’s How

This is just about the hardest time in recent history for a band to get the ball rolling. Or is it? simpl., run by Anthony Pacheco, has spent this year boosting new artists’ performance in a significant way. He’s also sent me some of my favorite new bands to cover, like Properties of Nature and Roman Pilot. Today, simpl. shares some insight on how to grow in the daunting early phase of a band’s lifespan in an interview!

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Properties of Nature are diverse and driven with debut “Wolves in Business Suits” (review)

Properties of Nature, 2019

I’m consistently shocked at how many unknown bands I’ve come across with heaps and heaps of talent to display. Properties of Nature is no different. This funky post-hardcore band has a familiar sound, but a distinct identity in their execution. At long last, their debut album, Wolves in Business Suits, will be let loose into the world this Thursday, but here’s a preview:

“Pirates Don’t Say “Yarr!” Anymore” makes it obvious from the start that Properties of Nature isn’t your everyday band. The smooth time-signature transition, the layering of guitar riffs at all times, and strange song structure creates an unpredictable listen for first-timers. I counted and there’s six completely-different sounding sections to this opening track.

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