Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell sets the record straight: “We are not a Christian band”

With the band’s 3rd full-length record Where The End Began dropping in November via Solid State Records, metalcore band Silent Planet’s thought-provoking lyrics and out-of-the-box musicianship are really turning heads in the music scene. Much like fellow cohorts in Fit For A King, their years of constantly touring and playing shows are finally resulting in the wider fanbases they deserve.

However, it’s been somewhat well-known for a while that Silent Planet isn’t your typical band. Constantly reaching out to their fans for unique experiences (like playing Mario Kart 64 with their fans on tour) and tackling subjects that most other bands wouldn’t touch at all (like nuclear war, spirituality, and much more), few bands are quite like Silent Planet. Are they a Christian band, though? That label has always come with some sort of stigma, but clearly they’re a band that doesn’t believe in selling Jesus as a commodity. Vocalist Garrett Russell recently took to Twitter to discuss whether they’re a Christian band, and the end result is really quite telling and thought-provoking.

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Silent Planet releases new single + video for “Share the Body”

Silent Planet have released a new single/video, “Share the Body”, which you can stream below. “This song is a tribute to the many people I’ve met who struggle with opioid addiction,” frontman and lyricist Garret Russell explains. “I hope it can speak into the past trauma or present reality of addicted persons, and push them to get help before their need takes everything.” “Share the Body” is the latest single, following “Vanity of Sleep” and “Northern Fires”, from Silent Planet’s upcoming album When the End Began, due out 11/2/18 via Solid State Records.

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Watch Erra’s JT Cavey join Silent Planet on stage to perform new single, “Northern Fires (Guernica)”

Silent Planet’s new single “Northern Fires (Guernica)” is already one of the most praised songs in the metalcore band’s repertoire to date, racking up almost 200,000 Spotify streams in just under a month. While that’s not a cut and dry indication of a band’s overall success, it does signify the band’s ascension as a vital cog in honest and forward-thinking heavy music.

While on tour with My Epic and Comrades, Erra vocalist JT Cavey joined the band to perform their new single. Perhaps we can get an Erra/Silent Planet co-headlining tour in the near future? Here’s hoping – they’re two of the best in the game right now.

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SHOW REVIEW + GALLERY: Silent Planet at Chain Reaction (March 2, 2018)

This past Friday, Silent Planet brought an incredibly cathartic musical experience to a packed audience at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. With direct support from Strawberry Girls and Night Verses, the diverse lineup put on a show spanning from metalcore to post-rock to progressive, with the consistent through-line being maximum emotional impact. TNF’s own Deniz Davenport was at the show capturing every moment, and we’re thrilled to share her excellent photos.

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