It’s always red, and Silent Planet’s van is dead – but at least their exclusive merch drop is awesome

Just last month, acclaimed metalcore band Silent Planet capped their first era as a band with a song fittingly titled “Trilogy”. A harrowing song that detailed vocalist Garrett Russell’s time in therapy late in 2019. An auditory journey through mental health and struggles with anxiety, the dark and electronic undercurrent found on “Trilogy” makes the song one of the best the band has written to date.

Unfortunately, on their current tour with Currents, Invent Animate, and Greyhaven, the band’s tour van died. While they were able to get back on the road, this obviously leaves bands at their level in a financial rut that can be difficult to combat. Luckily, the band’s sense of humor and marketing skills came together to create limited apparel, in the form of exclusive, limited-time t-shirts that also reference “Trilogy”.

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Silent Planet cap first era of the band with harrowing new song, “Trilogy”

Critically acclaimed metalcore band Silent Planet have certainly become a respected name in the community in just a few short years. Whether it’s the community they’ve created around the band that’s extremely passionate, or the lyrical subjects that broach often-difficult topics like PTSD and substance abuse, Silent Planet are no stranger to confronting tough realities.

That’s what makes the band’s new song “Trilogy” even more impactful. A song that closes out the first era of Silent Planet music, the song details vocalist Garrett Russell’s battles with anxiety that almost took the band to the brink of an uncertain future. Rest assured it’ll leave an impact on you, the listener, as well.

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Silent Planet set to release re-recording of debut album “The Night God Slept”, streams two new tracks

In 2014, California metalcore band Silent Planet issued an awfully impressive debut album, The Night God Slept. Containing an impressive amount of lyrical depth and poise for a young band, the record eventually saw the band working with the likes of guest vocalist Spencer Chamberlain (from some band called Underoath), playing Warped Tour, and even headlining their own sold-out tours all started with this album. However, plenty of things have changed since then – the band’s size, as well as skills behind the instruments. It’s with that said that Silent Planet will be releasing a re-recording of their debut album next month, and the band has shared two updated/re-recorded new songs from the album as well, “Wasteland” and “XX (City Grave)”.

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On “When The End Began”, Silent Planet deliver a maturing, compelling record (Review)

California metalcore act Silent Planet have always been one of those bands that don’t necessarily reinvent the genre with their music; instead they craft music that not only resonates with you but is also very thought provoking in terms of both lyricism and instrumentation. Whether it’s the band’s ability to convey emotion into music or the juxtaposition of Garrett Russell’s harsh vocals to Thomas Freckleton’s soaring cleans, “When the End Began” is definitely a thought-provoking and interesting album that any fan of the genre should experience.

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