Currents’ new album, “The Way it Ends”, is sensational metalcore (review)

Currents, 2020

June 5th is the date that keeps on giving. An album I’ve been looking forward to for several months now is Currents’ The Way it Ends. After powerful releases The Place I Feel Safest and I Let the Devil In, a lot of people are taking notice of the band, who’ve been touring with the likes of Silent Planet, Northlane, and Fit for a King. As such, The Way it Ends comes highly-anticipated, and will be a defining moment in the Currents’ career.

The Way it Ends begins with “It Was Never There,” a brief intro centered on immersing the listener into the presentation of Currents before the heaviness ensues. What follows is the crucial single for the band, “A Flag to Wave,” the song that got me all ears into this release. With a laser-focused composition, this piece implements all of the moving parts to make for an instant classic, with an anthemic chorus, crushing blast beats, and a devastating closing breakdown. This is a song fans in the scene will be talking about for years to come.

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Embrace Fantasycore with The Wise Man’s Fear’s Sharptone debut, “Valley of Kings” (review)

The Wise Man’s Fear, 2020

As a fan of Sharptone Records, I’m always keen to see what they have to offer with their diverse, talented roster. One they’ve been marketing quite a lot is The Wise Man’s Fear, with the headline of their genre as “Fantasycore.” I was confident this band would be far more than a gimmick, so I’m giving their newest LP, Valley of Kings, a listen early!

Kicking off with “The Relics of Nihlux,” there’s an immediate sense that the blend of fantasy influences will take precedence in both the presentation and the lyricism. The instrumental and vocal prowess shows that there’s depth to this unique approach. Zelda fans rejoice, for the next track is entitled “Breath of the Wild.” The clean vocals in the bridge/outro are an auditory treat, with a powerful backing from the band.

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Loathe embark on a new era of music with two new singles, “Gored” + “New Faces In The Dark”

Loathe 2019. Photo by Olli Appleyard.

The 2017 release of their debut album The Cold Sun showed UK heavy band Loathe at an impressive creative peak early on. Nearly impossible to pin down in a single genre, The Cold Sun impressively threw together elements of post-hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, and industrial to create a record that threw music fans for a loop. Their split with Holding Absence last year, which included the single “White Hot”, was a continued evolution of their sound – and now Loathe are making more noise with two new singles, “Gored” and “New Faces In The Dark”.

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