Interview: Sentinels

Soon to release their label debut “Unsound Recollections” on Stay Sick Records, New Jersey’s Sentinels are aiming to take the scene by storm. Formed in 2013, the band has 2 EP’s, “Idylls” and “World Divided”, under their belt and have been touring nonstop to help promote each release. Sentinels sound can be best described as progressive metalcore, however as you’ll read in the interview, the band doesn’t really wish to conform to one sound and wants to play whatever sounds natural to them. The guys in the band were kind enough to answer my plethora of questions ranging from the origin of their name to their favorite touring memories, which you can read about below. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook and pick up their debut on February 8th on digital or physical format!

Sentinels is:
Joe Benducci – Vocals
Thomas Cardone – Guitar
Chris Dombrowski – Guitar
Danny Cruz – Bass/Vocals
Dave Rucki – Drums/Vocals

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TNF Presents: 30 Bands That Will OWN 2019

Welcome to 2019! There’s another year of stellar music coming that’s sure to blow us away, and bands that released some great albums in 2018 are sure to put their noses to the grindstone as well. While not all of the bands and musicians on our list are releasing new records this year, some are supporting recent records or newer material in the form of a handful of singles. Regardless, these 30 bands and musicians are all ones to keep on your radar. After all, we only recommend the best music in the world, right? Carry on, brethren.

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