Kane Lacey releases first EP, “Started in an Empty House”

Kane Lacey, 2020

YouTuber/streamer Kane Lacey has at long last released his debut EP, Started in an Empty House. I’ve been following this content creator for the better part of the decade, as he’s made waves on the internet in his pursuits with meme pages, YouTube videos, streaming, and now a reinvigorated music outing.

This R&B outing is quite the striking start for Kane, who shows singer-songwriter talent in easygoing, angsty jams encompassing several genres. Tracks like “She” and “Bed” have massive replayability with choruses that are truly infectious.

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Phantom Planet is back in their first album in 12 years with “Devastator” (review)

Phantom Planet, 2020

California, here we come” reverberates with the angst of the 2000s, as this catchy track accompanied the intro for The OC. The exponential success of this song came from Phantom Planet, an alt-rock band that’s actually been around since 1994. Now, twenty-six years later, the gang is back together, pushing their 12-year hiatus from songwriting out to deliver us with Devastator. (Also – did you know Jason Schwartzman was in the band back then?!)

We begin Devastator with leading single “BALISONG.” An emphatic chorus embraces a pitch change to enhance its singability, and sprinkled-in synth meshing with the closing guitar riff is a nice little touch. “Party Animal” is a solid jaunt with an interesting choice in its 7/8 time signature. Driving guitars and a great solo add some flair to this track.

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Hundredth teasing long album length to follow-up ‘RARE’

Hundredth made a bold change in sound in 2017 with their record RARE. Phasing away from the melodic hardcore archetype and opting into a more shoegaze, reverb-y approach, this transition was colossal, but it paid off, as the artistic direction made for my album of the year in 2017. The soundscape of RARE and the ensuing Ultrarare/summer of 2019 singles are divine, and a fascinating shift for the group.

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Super-catchy new song “Space Debris” released by Roman Pilot (interview)

Roman Pilot, 2019

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with a band on the rise: Roman Pilot. Upon browsing my feed two weeks ago, I saw a fifteen-second preview of the “Space Debris” intro, and I was absolutely obsessed from first listen. Luckily enough, I got reached out to with the opportunity to ask some questions about a track I’m head-over-heels for.

“Space Debris” features Isaac Wilson of Dwellings, who also just featured on another song we covered, Properties of Nature’s “L.S.F.H.Q.P.” With a truly memorable vocal delivery, he shines in “Space Debris” layered over one of the catchiest guitar hooks to ever grace my ears. When this line gets a harmony in later verses, I get goosebumps. But enough gushing, let’s hear what Roman Pilot had to say about “Space Debris”!

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