LUNA AURA intrigues and impresses with debut “THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY” (review)


I’m always eager to give a listen to artists who stray from the beaten path of genres and tropes. LUNA AURA does just this, peeking her head into pop, alternative, grunge, and industrial in one fell swoop. There’s a high energy to her approach, an unabashedness that speaks out to the listener. LUNA AURA’s EP debut, THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY, will collect her recent singles into a rebellious, uplifting release this Friday. Let’s take a look:

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PREMIERE: Nevertel’s at their best in “Everything In My Mind”

We are proud to premiere the music video for Nevertel’s newest single, “Everything In My Mind”.

We’ve kept an eye on Nevertel since their debut single in 2015, “Rebound.” Shortly after, they put together a strong debut album in Living Fiction, which was impressively self-produced. Nevertel really started to gain traction with their first EP, Deep Down, in 2017. Memorable tracks like “Cold” and “Down” couldn’t escape my brain, racking up tons of replays thanks to the unique, polished sound of the group. My first piece of writing came about last year when Nevertel released “No Reverse,” and I had the pleasure of previously debuting their single “Another Lie” in February.

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The Human Veil are promising in “Fractures” EP (review)

A band’s first EP is their moment to shine; it’s their chance to reel new listeners to get invested in one of the most exciting times in their career. The Human Veil looks to do just that with their debut Fractures after a busy two years of singles and playing shows in their native England with the likes of Betraying the Martyrs, Bad Omens, and more. This EP stretches for 16 minutes so here’s hoping it’s short-but-sweet!

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