Young Mountain premieres new music video for “Lost Tree”

Sweden’s Young Mountain are hot off the release of their debut album “Lost Tree”, which released in September via Zegema Beach/Through Love/Miss the Stars/Pundonor/Dasein records. Focusing more on atmosphere rather than aggression, the screamo/hardcore group have made a name for themselves across Europe, performing at Miss the Stars fest and Fluff fest, two notably large screamo festivals. A few months back I had the chance to interview the band (which you can find here), and today we are happy to be able to premiere their new video for the titular track, “Lost Tree”, which you can find below.

Lost Tree has definitely made my year end list: with the fantastic performances from the band or its brooding atmosphere coupled with nice use of string work, the debut is a great addition to the their discography and definitely has this listener keen to hear what the future has in store for the guys. Be sure to give Young Mountain a like on Facebook and check “Lost Tree” on Bandcamp, your favorite streaming service, or by purchasing a physical from Zegema Beach Records or Through Love Records.
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Interview: Snag

Snag is a screamo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is a city in a unique moment right now where its social ills like persistent poverty and segregation belie the massive commercial development underway there. Snag can’t help but comment on this contradiction, like in their song “Who are those condos for, anyway?” where they lament, “they’re building up downtown/ they want to wake up in the clouds/ but we can’t sleep now/ with our heads on the ground.” Snag’s latest outing, a split with New Zealand’s Swallows Nest, is a track called “Violence” that features their most mature songwriting to date, where the members of Snag in turns reveal anxieties about the effects a violent society has on its youth. Snag is currently writing material for a full-length. Be sure to like the guys on Facebook and check out their material on Bandcamp!

Snag is:

BW: Bryan “Socki” Wysocki – drums/vocals

PM: Peter Murphy – bass/vocals

SS: Sam Szymborski – guitar/vocals

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Interview: Gillian Carter

Formed in late 2005, Gillian Carter are a screamo/punk band hailing from Palm Bay, Florida. With a handful of EP’s and 4 LP’s under already under their belt, the band is releasing their newest album “… This Earth Shaped Tomb” via Skeletal Lightning/Moment of Collapse records on August 31st. Mixing elements of screamo, post-rock and post-punk, the record is sure to appeal to both fans old and new. I had a chance to chat with the boys prior to the release about how they’ve become a very influential band in the genre, where the band name came from, touring plans, and even their experience on tours. Do yourself a favor and follow these guys on Facebook and pick up the album here, because it’s bound to be on some year end lists!

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Interview: Young Mountain

Young Mountain are a 5 piece atmospheric screamo/hardcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. After a series of successful EP’s and a split with La Petite Mort, the band is due to release their debut album “Lost Tree” on September 5th. Mixed and mastered by the renowned Jack Shirley, “Lost Tree” is 8 tracks of pure emotion and atmosphere. I had the chance to chat with the band about a variety of topics including writing for the full length, how difficult it is to write in a foreign language, and touring plans to support the release. Show these boys some love on Facebook and be sure to pick up “Lost Tree” via one of the numerous links below!

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