Dayseeker’s side project Hurtwave release first single, “Sever”


At long last, Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez and drummer Mike Karle have unleashed their project Hurtwave’s first single, “Sever.”

Opting for a more poppy/electronic approach, Rory’s unbelievable vocals are in full swing here. Rory wrote on social media that this song is about a potential significant other that strung him along for years, which he finally cuts ties with in this track’s lyricism.

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Watch Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez cover SZA’s “The Weekend”

There aren’t too many more talented vocalists than Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez. Though the band (and his voice) flew under the radar for a good while, the release of 2017’s DIS // WIR really boosted the band into a much larger audience. It’s deserved, too. This is a metalcore band that works hard on the road, and has amassed a loyal fanbase along the way.

When not on the road, Rory can often be found performing acoustically, and/or working on covers as well. Just watch his recent cover of SZA’s massive hit “The Weekend”, performed acoustically, below. Needless to say, you should probably plan on experiencing Dayseeker at Warped this summer.

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