Album Review : Kublai Khan – “Nomad”

Kublai Khan have always attempted to be mixed together with heavy doses of hardcore and older metalcore. With their newest release Nomad they come out swinging hard in what is without a doubt their tightest release yet.

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Album Review: PVRIS – “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”

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The three piece alternative-rock band PVRIS recently released their sophomore album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell via Rise Records on August 25th. The album features singles “Heaven” which was released late April, “What’s Wrong” which was released mid-June, “Half” which was released mid-July, “Winter” which was released early August, and “Anyone Else” which was released a few days prior to the album. I feel like this is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, since we haven’t heard anything from PVRIS since 2014.

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Waiting For The Heavens: Eighteen Visions to release first album in 11 years via Rise Records

After weeks of teasing new material and even possible touring, Eighteen Visions are releasing 3 major announcements April 20th, according to their Instagram. However, according to The PRP, the newest issue of Decibel Magazine in a full page ad has revealed Eighteen Visions are partnering with Rise Records for a June release of an untitled new record.

That’s two announcements out of three, so what could the other one be? A tour or at least a few shows, perhaps? Nobody really knows, but we’ll all find out on April 20th. Regardless of what they end up doing, the OC metalcore band’s influence is still felt in the metalcore and post-hardcore scenes of today, and the fact that they’re back to show everyone how it’s really done is icing on the cake. It’ll be the band’s first album since 2006’s self-titled effort.

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Acceptance – “Colliding by Design” Review

Acceptance is a band that has become nearly as defined by their mythology as they have by their actual recorded output. As the band was preparing to release its debut album Phantoms in 2005, they seemed to be on the verge of major stardom. The band consistently managed to toe the line between pop rock and more hard-edged pop punk in a compelling way, and the soaring vocals of frontman Jason Vena helped make Phantoms one of the most memorable releases from the ‘00s pop rock scene. However, label politics, a botched album rollout, and an early leak doomed the band’s commercial chances before they even got off the ground. Within a year, frustrated at treatment by their label and plagued by creative differences, Acceptance called it quits.

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