Bayside Sell Out Chicago As Part Of “Interrobang” Club Tour (Review + Photo Gallery)



Chicago, IL


With a 19 year band history and a new album “Interrobang” just released Bayside played the sold out Bottomlounge in Chicago, IL as part of their new club tour. It was then clearly apparent how the band has sustained a dedicated fan base for all these years.

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NFM Horror-palooza 2019 – The Banana Splits Movie (Review)


The Banana Splits Movie is so odd for its release now. Being from a show thats been off the air for quite some time and missing the mark where it could of drawn in from the “Five Nights At Freddy” phase, I’m not too sure where the mark was aimed for this.

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Film Review : Men In Black International


Men In Black is a franchise that has been all over the place quality wise. The first two are staples of the late 90’s, early 2000’s. The third is an awful film in which we best not speak of. International is what I assume the attempt to kickstart a new MIB franchise but instead comes off half done and mediocre.

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Santana Jams With Ease In Front Of Packed Chicagoland Crowd (Review + Photo Gallery)


What can be said about Santana that already hasn’t been? From Woodstock to the now classic “Smooth” featuring Rob Thomas, the legendary guitrarist has seen it all and still wows crowds.

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