ARCHERS Debut New Song & Music Video “Making Eyes”

Following their release of Black Lung in 2019, Archers have released their newest single Making Eyes.

Making Eyes blends Archers’ traditional post-hardcore sound with a slow melodic intro similar to bands like Palisades and Emarosa’s newest album, Peach Club. The melodic intro builds as the song progresses and introduces the story. The song really picks up when the second verse hits that leads into a heavier chorus with a thundering breakdown and a powerful key change that really makes the whole song come together in full force.

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Let’s Watch : The Grudge (2020) (Review)


In the world of senseless horror remakes another Grudge remake / re-imagining / whatever they want to consider this wasn’t needed. With a strong cast and an R rating though some maintained a sliver of hope that this could be good, however as all figured that is not the case.

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Let’s Watch : Black Christmas (2019) (Review)

In the current age of reboots especially in horror and Blumhouse being the go to company for all mainstream horror releases when a Black Christmas remake (technically 2nd remake) was announced I was expected to be let down. Being a massive fan of both the original and even the mid 2000’s remake I had hopes that maybe Blumhouse would continue their success rate and make this a good one even with a PG-13 rating, oh how I was wrong though.

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