Blackgaze 101: An Interview with Avast

Hailing from Norway, Avast is a very difficult band to place in any specific genre. While they might simply seem to be blackgaze/black metal on the surface, their roots are deep in the punk and hardcore genres. Regardless of which genre you place them in, there is no doubting the immense skill that is present on their upcoming album ‘Mother Culture’. Releasing on October 26th via Dark Essence Records, the debut album is a concept album that examines the myths upon which modern civilization is based, based on the philosophical novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. ‘Mother Culture’ is first class post-black metal, with a touch of Norwegian black metal in the vein of Deafheaven, Alcest, or Red Apollo. I had the chance to chat with the band about the upcoming album, the concept of their album and many other topics which you can read below. Be sure to support the guys by giving them a like on Facebook and preordering ‘Mother Culture’ using one of the following links:

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Going into this record, one might expect to hear straightforward blackgaze, but when you fully dive into the album, you discover how its concept and execution are what separate Avast from their contemporaries. This truly is one of the best debut albums that I have heard in years, and I truly urge you to experience this album and appreciate the insane amount of hard work these guys have put into it.

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