Here’s The Best Thing You’ll Hear A Metal Musician Say All Day


You constantly hear musicians saying “rock is dead”. A local metal show (or even a touring one!) might have 50 people there max on a given night, and people are keen to give up on the scene they once loved. As a recent father and 60+ hour a week worker, I sort of get it – when you have bills to pay and a family to feed, attending a reckless, heart-pounding metal show is often pretty low on the list of things to do.

That being said, metal is not “dead”, no matter what anyone tells you. Even though I personally may have a lack of time to attend shows, I still feel the power of metal within my soul. No matter how old I get, I will always feel metal running through my veins. And apparently vocalist Johnny Crowder of Dark Sermon does, too – he’s someone who lays it all out there every night, whether it’s a tour halfway across the country, or a local show at Transitions Art Gallery in Tampa.

He had a pretty powerful statement to make on metal as a whole earlier today while on tour. Check out what he said below!

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Dark Sermon Announce U.S. Tour Dates With Thy Art Is Murder

Dark_Sermon_-_Promo_Photo (2) copy

Dark Sermon has announced the dates of their upcoming U.S. tour with Thy Art Is MurderRings Of Saturn, and Fit For An Autopsy (The Coffin Dragger Tour). Dark Sermon will be touring in support of their latest record “The Oracle” (eOne Music) which is available now on iTunes. The tour kicks off on April 6th in Tucson, Arizona and works its way throughout the U.S. wrapping up on May 19th in Worcester, Massachusetts.

We’ve been wanting to tour with Thy Art for a few years now, and I even have one of their shirts from back in the day. Rings of Saturn and Fit For An Autopsy are both incredibly awesome bands as well, so we couldn’t be happier about the lineup. – Johnny Crowder Continue reading