Belmont – Reflections EP Review:

I’m always excited to write articles related to hometown bands, and I get to do just that today for Chicago, IL’s Belmont. This pop-punk band has been a part of several huge tour packages, like The Amity Affliction, Sleeping with Sirens, and now Tiny Moving Parts. Their high-energy sound translates to riveting performances, and the band is in a great spot to reach even more fans with their new EP Reflections.

This EP starts out with “By My Side”‘s trap beat that could mislead first-time listeners. The rigorous double-bass and angst hits full force in the chorus and the lyrics show how one is in disarray without that special someone by their side.

“Deadweight” sees a different vibe in the instruments, with layering of synth and electronic effects to set the mood of emptiness characterized by the depressing lyricism.

The blistering pace of “Stay Up” keeps the listener peeled, almost bordering on thrash metal speeds. This is my standout track on Reflections for how fun it is to listen to.

The riffs keep coming on “Hideout,” with yet another catchy chorus that is hard not to sing along with. The bridge in this song leads into a bouncy breakdown that is just as infectious.

“Move Along” features fast-paced verbiage and a trap beat within the verses, with a fantastic guitar break before yet another well-executed bridge.

The Reflections EP wraps up with “Back and Forth”, with Belmont in minor key for a more heartfelt tone. The jammy outro that fades in notes seals the deal on this release.

This is yet another stellar release from the Chicago band, with enough substance in each track to satisfy the listener throughout its short runtime. This is a highly-recommended listen for easycore/pop-punk fans that want to hear a band that doesn’t just tread familiar ground.

***A press copy of Reflections was provided thanks to Pure Noise Records***

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