Canadian progressive metalcore band The Healing announces debut full-length “Hollow Earth”, releases new teaser

First breaking onto the crowded progressive metalcore scene in 2014 with their debut EP Transcendence, and then following it up with 2016’s solid Elevate, Canadian progressive act The Healing have certainly established themselves as a name to watch in the scene. Their multifaceted approach to progressive metalcore sets them apart in a sea of secret, (one)-dimensional noise.

The band has finally announced their long-awaited full-length album, Hollow Earth, and released a teaser alongside that as well. Check that out below, along with their 2016 EP Elevate, for a good idea of what the bright young band sounds like. We think you’ll be rather impressed.

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Interview: The Dali Thundering Concept

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the guys inĀ The Dali Thundering Concept about a multitude of things including their upcoming album “Savages”, tour plans, and overall influences.

“Savages” is due out April 13th via Apathia records and is able to be preordered on Bandcamp! Catch them on tour with Jinjer this May across Europe!

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Stand Alone Complex: The New Face of Metalcore

One of the most fascinating things about music is falling in love with a genre. You get to find something that has everything you want to hear tied together with other bands that share these same interests. I like digging into the nooks and crannies of these genres, and that is where I truly find my favorite bands. Digging around in metalcore can be a painful search, but findingĀ Stand Alone Complex was well worth it. While I believe the genre is clouded with mediocre acts, there are still bands that succeed in making powerful and passionate music with their own distinct sound. Stand Alone Complex is one of those bands.

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