I Am Abomination Finally Announce “Passion of the Heist II” Album

I Am Abomination, one of my most underrated artists of the previous decade, have divulged details on their next release: Passion of the Heist II.

After holding a crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and a largely-dormant 2019, things look to be in full swing for the band to drop more music in the immediate future. Between Nick Sampson’s unreal guitar work and Ian Druyor’s clever lyricism, this progressive post-hardcore band is worthy of rediscovering.

In the mentioned post, the band apologized for the radio silence; one of my Facebook friends was just recently questioning the band’s whereabouts, as they had not received their crowdfunding rewards. I’m relieved to see this post, as IAA takes responsibility in stride and will reward us all shortly with new tunes. I look forward to hearing more from this act; check out the preview below!

Interview: The Earth Laid Bare

Hailing from Kentucky, progressive metal band The Earth Laid Bare are set to unleash their beastly debut album “Flow” on November 2nd.  While not straying from the progressive genre, the band incorporates elements of metalcore and djent into their music resulting in technical yet catchy tunes that will surely make you bob your head along with the music. I recently had the chance to chat with the band about a bunch of topics such as lyrical themes on the album, what they feel separates them from their contemporaries, who their biggest influences are and many other topics. The album itself is a very strong debut with solid song writing, catchy instrumentation, killer vocals, and even some surprises thrown in along the way such as the unexpected cleans on some songs. Fans of the genre will absolutely enjoy “Flow” and is bound to end up on some year-end lists. Ultimately the guys in TELB present the listener with some fantastic tunes on a very well rounded and well written debut, bravo guys. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and preorder “Flow” from one of the links here!

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Interview: VOLA

The Copenhagen-based quartet grew out of a common interest in eclectic, groove-oriented music which draws inspiration ranging from 70’s progressive rock to modern day electronica, industrial and extreme metal. VOLA features Asger Mygind on vocals and guitar, Nicolai Mogensen on bass, Martin Werner on keyboards and Adam Janzi on drums. The band is set to unleash their newest masterpiece to the world, Applause Of A Distant Crowd, on October 12th. I recently had the chance to talk with Adam to give a little insight about the band, why they stick to the progressive genre, and even where their name came from. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and preorder the album/merch via their Bandcamp!

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Interview: Cold Night for Alligators

Cold Night For Alligators is a respected and forward-thinking progressive metal outfit from Copenhagen, Denmark. Swaying the world with their innovative take on technical metalcore and playing numerous shows including Euroblast, UK Tech-Fest, and even the far east of India, these guys are no freshmen. Their upcoming sophomore album “Fervor” proves just that. “Fervor” is a further development of their brutal and uncompromising debut “Course of Events”, which was hailed for its edge and originality. Now three years later the band is stepping up their game with more focus on songwriting and showcasing a mature, more emotional take on progressive metal. There is a lot to love on the upcoming record “Fervor”. Whether it’s vocalist Johan’s passionate choruses about the darker things in life, or the out-of-this-world guitar work, you can be assured that if you like your music challenging and catchy, this album is for you. Coming out of a flourishing Danish metal scene, bringing that certain nordic noir to the table, Cold Night For Alligators bring forth a style that you might recognize, but you sure as hell haven’t experienced like this before. “Fervor” will be released through Long Branch Records on streaming sites and LP November 9th, 2018.

Show the boys some love and like them on Facebook and be sure to preorder the album here in your format of choice!

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