Hellfest as seen by artists: Subrosa, Ultra Vomit, and more discuss 2017’s lineup

In a week Hellfest (France) will open its gates, with an impressive lineup (Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Deep Purple, Five Finger Death Punch, Prophets Of Rage, …). We wanted to know which bands the artists present at the festival want to see there, and why!


Subrosa (Ancient Magickal Doom) – Rebecca Vernon (vocals, guitar) :

Well, there are many bands I want to see, but it’s more a question of, which bands will I be ABLE to see? Haha. We will be busy on Friday before we play, with merch, load-in and soundcheck, and we have to leave Hellfest right after we play at 3 p.m. to drive to Belgium. However, Noothgrush is playing right before us on the Valley Stage and we will hopefully get to see them. I just saw them live at Maryland Death Fest for the first time and loved them and look forward to seeing them again.
If I could see any of the other two Friday bands, though, I’d love to see The Damned and Marduk – Marduk I love live, and Magnus “Devo” Andersson, their bassist, mixed and mastered three of our albums, so I like to support them in return.

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Wrecking Ball Atlanta: A Preview


When Wrecking Ball got announced back on April 1st I thought for sure it was the most cruel April Fools joke ever. Here we are just days away from the festival and it is more than real. The organizers of Wrecking Ball have put together one of the most stacked lineups this scene has seen with plenty of bands that we never thought we would be able to cover. Read after the jump for a quick rundown of who we’re anticipating seeing in Atlanta.

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Welcome To Rockville Festival Preview


This year’s Welcome To Rockville festival will be once again taking place at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, FL on April 26th/27th. The two day festival will feature some of the biggest names in modern hard rock and heavy metal, such as Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Rob Zombie, A Day To Remember, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Staind and more. A couple of our staff members put together their “Top 5 Bands To Watch” lists, check them out and more after the jump.

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