ARCHERS Debut New Song & Music Video “Making Eyes”

Following their release of Black Lung in 2019, Archers have released their newest single Making Eyes.

Making Eyes blends Archers’ traditional post-hardcore sound with a slow melodic intro similar to bands like Palisades and Emarosa’s newest album, Peach Club. The melodic intro builds as the song progresses and introduces the story. The song really picks up when the second verse hits that leads into a heavier chorus with a thundering breakdown and a powerful key change that really makes the whole song come together in full force.

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Half Hearted start off their career on the right track with self-titled debut album (Review)

Stumbling upon talented up-and-coming bands is one of my greatest pleasures, and I have done just that recently with the exceptionally-striking Half Hearted. I was reeled in with their “Vicious Cycle” video, a compelling one-shot video that scrolled the band’s angsty, charismatic performance. Today, we delve into the band’s debut self-titled record!

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Closure In Moscow finally enter the studio to record new music

Fans of Australian progressive band Closure in Moscow have become accustomed to patience. The group’s last release, the phenomenal Pink Lemonade, dropped back in 2014. Since then, they have provided sporadic updates on new music, with their diehard fans waiting feverishly for any concrete signs of progress. But now, it appears the band has reached a major milestone.

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Post-hardcore band Anemoria release new single “Jellybeans”

Taken by: Terry Walters

Anemoria is a 5-piece Progressive Rock band from Orange County, California. The band has released their 2nd single, “Jellybeans”, following their recent release of their single “Cashmere Jungle”. Jellybeans is their first single recorded with their new drummer Juan Norato.

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