Watch members of Fit For A King and Phinehas cover Killswitch Engage’s “My Curse”

Fit For A King and Phinehas are two bands that are unafraid to wave the flag of American Metalcore. I mean seriously, Fit For A King emblazon the genre on some of their merch! Both bands have put out forward-thinking and interesting releases, especially Dark Skies and thegodmachine.

Anyhow, FFAK vocalist Ryan Kirby and Phinehas guitarist Daniel Gailey now have a channel dedicated to their covers of their favorite rock and metal songs, and they’re getting community involvement, too. Their new cover of Killswitch Engage’s classic, “My Curse”, is a pretty spot-on take of the original, and stylishly executed as well. The duo will be offering up 2 covers every month – and 3 for Patreon supporters – making this a worthwhile use of your funds, should you choose to financially support.

Ryan and Daniel have a Patreon account, where you can also vote in their monthly cover poll, get an mp3 of said cover for yourself, and much more.

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Show Review: Wolves At The Gate Tour


It’s nothing out of the ordinary to see a band going crazy on stage while playing in front of hundreds of people, but imagine that same energy emanating from a band standing practically face to face with their fans. That’s exactly what I saw at the Wolves at the Gate show in Nashville’s Rocketown, featuring Phinehas, The Orphan, The Poet, and Burn the Bridges.

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