Photo Gallery: Phantoms

Self-styled post-metalcore band Phantoms recently changed their location from Maryland to Jacksonville, Florida. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet them as well as snap some photos before their set. They recently just released a music video for their single, “There Were Once Birds That Sang”. Be sure to check out their NEW EP, Screaming On The Inside too, now out on Outerloop Records. They are making moves fairly quickly so keep up with them!

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Acceptance – “Colliding by Design” Review

Acceptance is a band that has become nearly as defined by their mythology as they have by their actual recorded output. As the band was preparing to release its debut album Phantoms in 2005, they seemed to be on the verge of major stardom. The band consistently managed to toe the line between pop rock and more hard-edged pop punk in a compelling way, and the soaring vocals of frontman Jason Vena helped make Phantoms one of the most memorable releases from the ‘00s pop rock scene. However, label politics, a botched album rollout, and an early leak doomed the band’s commercial chances before they even got off the ground. Within a year, frustrated at treatment by their label and plagued by creative differences, Acceptance called it quits.

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Single Review: Apnea – “Phantoms”

Apnea has just dropped their new single, “Phantoms,” on June 29, and it is some of the finest post hardcore one is likely to hear these days. From the start, the single manages to have an obvious sense of melody while somehow feeling pleasantly discordant. The vocals are long and drawn out, complimenting the slower feel of the song. While it would be a bit of an exaggeration to call “Phantoms” grind, it also does not move at a breakneck, death metal pace. A feature from Nader Msawel is present, and nicely adds a lower range of vocals to the song. “Phantoms” is further complimented by lyrics lamenting the vocalist’s haunting by his ghosts of the past. When the last note has faded, “Phantoms” was a pleasant introduction to Apnea.