ARCHERS Debut New Song & Music Video “Making Eyes”

Following their release of Black Lung in 2019, Archers have released their newest single Making Eyes.

Making Eyes blends Archers’ traditional post-hardcore sound with a slow melodic intro similar to bands like Palisades and Emarosa’s newest album, Peach Club. The melodic intro builds as the song progresses and introduces the story. The song really picks up when the second verse hits that leads into a heavier chorus with a thundering breakdown and a powerful key change that really makes the whole song come together in full force.

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Inside the mind of Palisades on “Erase The Pain” release day

After taking a couple albums to find their identity, 2017’s self-titled Palisades established the young band as one of the few to take the next logical step from electronic post-hardcore to a confident melodic rock outfit. Impressively, they’ve accomplished this without completely deviating from their previous influences. Now, with the release of Erase The Pain happening Friday, December 28th, Palisades are joining the big leagues of rock.

Suffice it to say, we liked the new record quite a bit. Fan support for the band has swelled to levels not seen before, and surely the band is feeling the anticipation as well, considering this has the potential to open many doors for them. In fact, it already has, considering they landed a prestigious spot on Nothing More’s headlining tour early in 2019.

On release day, Palisades drummer Aaron Rosa had plenty to say about the album, including that it was “extremely hard to write”. Give the statement a read below, it’s pretty compelling stuff. Oh, and you can stream Erase The Pain here, too.

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Album Review: Palisades evolve, impress on “Erase The Pain”

Palisades – ‘Erase The Pain’ (8/10)

Palisades have undergone a massive, yet successful stylistic trsnsition as of late. The New Jersey-based now five piece has come a long way since their electronicore debut Outcasts in 2012. Now on their fourth full-length, ‘Erase the Pain’, the band approaches a more radio pleasing sound dropping almost all elements of their signature electronic beginnings, but with this album, they keep their metalcore roots with lead single ‘War’ being one of their heaviest songs in a long time.

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