Patrick Miranda (Movements) on gaining new fans at Warped: “Even if they stick around for just one song, they still gave us their time”

Bands that are difficult to categorize are often in my ballpark. So when I heard Outgrown Things, the 2016 EP (and Fearless Records debut) by California’s Movements, I realized that it was just the first volley of material from a band that is likely to be a household name very soon. A volatile mix of emo, post-hardcore, and pop-punk, Movements combines good songwriting with the unique vocal style of Pat Miranda and a solid rhythm section, to create music that is truly captivating.

I talked with Patrick to discuss the band’s upcoming full-length album (due out later this year), how the band sets themselves apart from the rest of the music scene, and what new fans are saying about the band this summer.

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