Otep Shamaya releases new video, says “local bands don’t sell tickets”

Photo courtesy of Bloodrock Media.

A few days ago, Otep Shamaya (vocalist of veteran alt-metal band OTEP) came under fire for reported tactics that included kicking The Convalescence off the tour they were doing in support of her. While there are certainly two sides to every story (three if you include the truth), many bands and musicians have spoken out against her in the last 48 hours alone.

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The Convalescence vs. Otep: Round 1, FIGHT!

Toledo, Ohio metal band The Convalescence are an impressive touring outfit, to be sure. Having been on multiple national and even overseas tours with the likes of Rings Of Saturn, Suffocation, and even on Mayhem Festival dates, the band’s most recent record Poison Words certainly raised their profile a bit – especially when they opened for the recent Testament/Sepultura/Prong tour earlier this year.

The band was also the main support band for Otep’s The Resistance Tour, but as of late Tuesday night (June 20th), that is apparently no longer the case. Why exactly did they get kicked off the tour, though?

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Long Beach Vagrant Releases “Within” Lyric Video From Upcoming Album “Death Be Thy Name”


Long Beach Vagrant has released a lyric video for their track “Within” from their upcoming album Death Be Thy Name which will come out in early 2016. “Within” is available now for purchase on iTunes.

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