Linkin Park’s Legacy of Artistic Ambition

In the wake of the tragic passing of lead singer Chester Bennington, fans around the world are coming together to celebrate the incredible legacy of Linkin Park. The impact of their music on the hearts of millions of listeners, as well as their massive influence on fellow bands, is absolutely undeniable. Much of the conversation surrounding the band’s legacy will deservedly focus on their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, which redefined rap-rock music for a new generation of listeners, bringing a fresh spin to a subgenre which had grown stale and tired before their arrival. However, any serious evaluation of Linkin Park’s career cannot ignore the significance of what happened after those two albums, and how every release since that point only added to the band’s stature as artists.

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Muny P: Music for a Spurned Generation

muny p

Despite what the older generation may say, millennials in the United States have it rough: high inflation with stagnant wages, few worthwhile employment opportunities, constant obstacles discouraging higher education, and a largely out-of-touch government which does little to properly address their needs.

When one also takes the disproportionate violence against and incarceration of racial minorities into consideration, it would seem that American society, for young people and people of color, is less than ideal, and, as odd as it may be, is perfectly encapsulated by the grim and grimy Trap and Hip-Hop music by producer and sometimes rapper Muny P.

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Introduction: The Purpose of a Review

Hello, everyone!

My name is Andrew Oliver, and I have been graciously accepted to write for and participate in this blog. I had a blog of my own, which fell to the wayside due to lack of interest, but that’s not important right now. What is important is that from now on, I will be creating videos, articles, and reviews for you to feast your eyes on.

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