A Good Samaritan helps man avoid suicide by sharing lyrics from Linkin Park’s “One More Light”

Chances are you pass through thousands of people each day, almost wherever you go. You never truly know the battles people are fighting, whether they’re a messy divorce, substance abuse issues, dire financial straits, or a combination of different maladies. These ailments can drive a person to take drastic measures to end their own life, but the power of music – and one Good Samaritan – can truly give someone the will to live.

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One More Light: Linkin Park posts powerful tribute to Chester Bennington: “We miss you more than words can express”

Over the course of 20 years, 7 full-lengths, and countless sold-out tours, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington impacted countless lives with the sheer power of his voice – providing the soundtrack to millions of people. One year ago, a legend left us – but his spirit still resonates with fans all around the world, as it can be argued no band has the kind of passionate fanbase that Linkin Park has – and will continue to have – for years to come. Case in point, look at all the fan-led memorials that are commemorating Chester’s enduring spirit.

The remaining members of Linkin Park took a moment to remember their fallen brother in a powerful post on social media today. The lesson to take away is that while Chester may not be with us physically anymore, his spirit certainly will be. And isn’t it the art you leave behind that matters the most?

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Linkin Park announce October memorial event and tribute to vocalist Chester Bennington

It’s been 2 months since the tragic passing of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington, and while the wounds are still fresh for everyone, the band’s worldwide fanbase has come together to remember the passion with which Chester lived. From India to the USA, Chester’s voice rang out to millions of people in a way few others could.

Much has been speculated on the band’s next move, and while it’s unknown if the band will carry on in any capacity, what is known is that the band will be performing live at the Hollywood Bowl on October 27th, for a memorial and tribute to their late frontman.
Our friends at Music Mayhem brought to our attention.

In conjunction with the announcement, the band has also released a video for the song “One More Light”, from the album of the same name. You can view that below.

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Linkin Park’s Legacy of Artistic Ambition

In the wake of the tragic passing of lead singer Chester Bennington, fans around the world are coming together to celebrate the incredible legacy of Linkin Park. The impact of their music on the hearts of millions of listeners, as well as their massive influence on fellow bands, is absolutely undeniable. Much of the conversation surrounding the band’s legacy will deservedly focus on their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, which redefined rap-rock music for a new generation of listeners, bringing a fresh spin to a subgenre which had grown stale and tired before their arrival. However, any serious evaluation of Linkin Park’s career cannot ignore the significance of what happened after those two albums, and how every release since that point only added to the band’s stature as artists.

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