Photo Review: Bring Me The Horizon “First Love” World Tour – Orlando, FL 1/25/19

On January 25th the legendary band Bring Me The Horizon, whose been around for 15 years released their latest album Amo. It was also the same night they took over the CFE Arena in Orlando, FL for night two of their North American leg of the “First Love” world tour, and our photojournalist Savannah Rowley was there to capture all the action. With supporting acts Fever 333 and Thrice, this was one night we won’t forget.

Starting the night off was Fever 333 featuring frontman Jason Butler, previously known in the band Letlive; and damn the band really knew how to put on a show. Playing familiar songs such as “Made in America”, “Burn It” and “Trigger” – once Butler got into the crowd, he spoke about their song “Made in America” and how it relates politically to today’s society, as well as keeping the safety of their fans a main priority, including a shoutout to all the women in the arena that night.

Next up was Thrice, well known for their songs “Only Us”, “Hurricane”, and “The Earth Will Shake” the band continued the night with full-fledged rock while anticipated fans waited for Bring Me The Horizon to take the stage.

Lastly, the band everyone was waiting to see, Bring Me The Horizon took the stage. Opening with “i apologise if you feel something” off their latest album Amo, they dove into their hit single “Mantra” followed by Sempiternal‘s “House of Wolves.” The band continued to play hits off of their latest album Amo such as “Wonderful Life” and “Medicine”, including a first live performance of “Nihilist Blues.” They played popular songs off Sempiternal  and That’s the Spirit such as “Sleepwalking”, “Can You Feel My Heart” and “Doomed.” The whole time you could see the smile on Oliver Sykes face as he sang into the crowd. I believe this is the band’s happiest time and they can only go up with their latest album release and this tour.

Overall what an amazing show, you definitely don’t want to miss this tour when it comes through your area. You can buy tickets to upcoming shows here. We can’t wait till these bands come back!

Oliver Sykes celebrates the release of “amo”, says “It feels so Bring Me The Horizon again”

Bring Me The Horizon’s ascension from deathcore/metalcore youngsters to a confident act that straddles the line between pop, rock, and influences from a few other genres is at the very least, interesting. While we enjoyed the record quite a bit, the polarizing reaction to the record so far seems to be exactly what Bring Me The Horizon – specifically vocalist Oliver Sykes – desired.

While it has to be incredibly nerve-wracking to unleash such a different album (again!) to a fanbase that might not embrace it right away (or at all), BMTH have never been bigger. As the band’s headlining tour with Thrice and The Fever 333 gets underway, Oliver Sykes surely feels the pressure and weight of expectations, and in a recent Instagram post, had plenty to say about the new record, as well – while not discouraging those who may not be into the record no matter what.

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Watch Oliver Sykes join Linkin Park on stage to perform emotional tribute to Chester Bennington, “Crawling”

For many growing up, the voice of Chester Bennington was embedded in eardrums worldwide, providing a sort of face to fears and emotions. Regardless of how you feel about Linkin Park, they have no doubt impacted and infiltrated many facets of popular music. And though Chester is no longer with us in the physical sense, his presence is still felt all over.

While there were many beautiful tributes at the Celebration Of Life Friday night, one of the more notable ones was Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes joining the band on stage to perform the emotionally-charged “Crawling”. View the video below, and we’ll be bringing you more tributes all throughout the weekend. It goes without saying that there is much more to come, regardless of what the future holds.

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Watch: Oliver Sykes joins While She Sleeps on stage for “Silence Speaks”

Going independent for album release #3, Sheffield metallic hardcore band While She Sleeps are essentially betting on themselves with the release of You Are We, released on Friday. Early results and accolades are throwing heaps of praise upon the band’s continually evolving sound, lying somewhere between metal, punk, hardcore, and rock, and the track “Silence Speaks” (which features BMTH’s Oliver Sykes) has even turned new fans onto the Sleeps brand. Their success has been a hard earned journey, to be sure.

To celebrate the album release, the band played their song “Silence Speaks” during a live set at the iconic Plug venue in Sheffield, and guess who joined them? None other than Oliver Sykes, to perform the song live. Check out the video below, along with the aforementioned track. The future is now for While She Sleeps.

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