Top Ten Unsigned Bands (Nationwide) 2014

1976945_646872258693403_1914916275_nOn May 13th we launched the first round poll for our Top Ten Unsigned Bands (Nationwide) voted by you the reader.The top ten winners were set to be interviewed by the site, a full bio on the site, airplay on Sick World Radio and be entered in round 2. The final winner of round 2 gets offered a record contract from Drop A Records based out of Canada. Round one ended yesterday (results below) and round 2 will launch on July 12th. Continue reading

Sponsored Tour Announcement: The Things They Carried & Obsurities To Hit The Road



PA heavy hitters Obscurities is set to hit the road with NY Experimental Metal band The Things They Carried for a 7 date run. The Boundless Dreaming Tour will be starting off on July 1st and ending on the 7th in Hershey, PA. We were honored to be a sponsor of this tour along with Vape Heads, Black Venom Promotions and Arise Productions to name a few. Continue reading

Exclusive: My View On The “Scene” With Jeff From Obscurities.

970632_520709074632999_1889530804_nHey Guys, Jeff (Guitar/Cleans) from Obscurities here. I just wanted to share with you today some of my thoughts and views on local music and the scene. These are my own personal opinions, let me know what you think. The local music scene has altered tons since I was a kid. It’s changed for the better and the worse. There is not as much love between bands or between bands and promoters as there used to be. Continue reading