Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge to livestream acoustic performance on Youtube

Northlane have kept pretty busy during the quarantine. The Australian progressive metalcore band recently released a new song, “Enemy Of The Night”, just last week. The song, which is off the band’s Deluxe Edition of last year’s Alien, was the last track to be recorded for the record as well. And that’s not all the band is up to, either.

On a quest to provide more content for their loyal fanbase, vocalist Marcus Bridge recently announced he’ll be livestreaming an acoustic performance of select Northlane songs June 3rd on the band’s Youtube channel. No word on what songs will end up being played, but you can probably expect a selection that spans the band’s 5 album discography to date. Either way, hearing Northlane acoustically will certainly be an event.

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“There aren’t really any rules” – Northlane guitarist Jon Deiley dives deep into electronic music, the band’s new album ‘Alien’

A willingness to experiment with genre conventions is generally one of the most important traits a band can have, and that goes tenfold for rock bands. One listen to Northlane’s fifth full-length album Alien and it’s clear something is different. Whether it’s the more prominent electronic flourishes or even the band’s obvious drum and bass influence on tracks like “4-D”, it’s clear the band has continued to evolve and progress their sound, while still retaining the core tenets of what makes Northlane special. Clearly we’re not the only ones who have noticed, as Alien has received some of the best reviews of any Northlane album to date.

For a band that’s already racked up multiple ARIA awards in their home continent and influenced a legion of newer rock and metal bands, Northlane are both secure in who they are now as well as unafraid to blaze new trails. We were able to sit down with guitarist and founding member of Northlane, Jon Deiley, for a lengthy discussion about the band’s new record – among other important topics. Listen in below, and have a listen to Alien as well.

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Northlane releases “Mesmer: Deluxe Edition”, tease new material from the studio

Currently in the middle of recording their “darkest and most honest record to date”, Aussie progressive metalcore band Northlane are gearing up for a big 2019. To tide fans over until their new album drops, they’ve released a deluxe edition of their 2017 album Mesmer, which includes 11 instrumental tracks from that record, too. Essentially, it’s Mesmer in a way you’ve never heard it before.

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Northlane premiere heavy new single, “Vultures”

A solid blend of old and new styles, progressive metalcore band Northlane have premiered a brand new song, “Vultures”. A sort of throwback to their first two records, the new track is a plastering reminder of just how heavy and infectious Northlane can be – though it’s not like they’ve lost a step with the vocalist change from Adrian to Marcus Bridge. The new track is the band’s first since last year’s surprise release of Mesmer, which received the same strong accolades their previous 3 records did.

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