Post-hardcore band Anemoria release new single “Jellybeans”

Taken by: Terry Walters

Anemoria is a 5-piece Progressive Rock band from Orange County, California. The band has released their 2nd single, “Jellybeans”, following their recent release of their single “Cashmere Jungle”. Jellybeans is their first single recorded with their new drummer Juan Norato.

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Juliet Simms Battles Inner Demons in “100 Little Deaths”

Bluesy rock singer/songwriter Juliet Simms is battling her inner demons in her explosive new single, 100 Little Deaths.  The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

This song means a lot to me because it speaks to my experiences with my personal demons and the fight to overcome them. I wanted to create a video that was personal to me but could also resonate with others,” shares Simms.”I see the struggles that so many people battle with everyday and I wanted to share a piece of myself with them. Life is made up of failures and triumphs, convictions and doubt. The key is to find the ability and strength to turn off the destructive tendencies and grow stronger because of them.

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Zayn drops a thoroughly unexpected funk banger with “Sour Diesel”

Zayn Malik’s solo career since leaving the confines of One Direction has been a mixed bag, a display of massive potential mixed with some notable letdowns. The best tracks from his 2016 debut album Mind of Mine (mostly the ones produced by frequent collaborator Malay) adeptly drew inspiration from moody R&B stars like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, while showcasing a phenomenal vocal ability and tinges of Zayn’s own Pakistani heritage. However, Zayn has occasionally let his aesthetic slip into generic pop-R&B background noise… while the Taylor Swift duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” was a massive hit, it perhaps best exemplified how Zayn could potentially have his uniqueness watered down by the major label pop machine, and slip into pop star anonymity.

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BELLE (formerly Belle Noire) sign to Tragic Hero; premiere “Reverence”

Belle Noire, the talented progressive rock band from San Jose who impressed listeners in 2016 with their debut album What It Means To Be, are back with a name change, new label, and new single. The group is now known as BELLE, and they have just signed to Tragic Hero Records, while also releasing their new single “Reverence”. The song marks an evolution from their debut, with growing use of subtle textures and electronic flourishes to compliment Joey Lancaster’s soaring vocals and passionate lyricism. Stay tuned for more from BELLE, who just wrapped a run of shows supporting Emery and ’68!

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