Review: Amarionette bounce back with “AMVRI” EP

The well-worn cliche is that the most potent art is borne out of adversity. Unforunately, when it comes to the world of music, albums stemming from certain forms of adversity have a mixed track record. Bands that go through periods of lineup changes or interpersonal conflict may immediately bounce back and produce more music deserving of their past status. However, just as often a band will falter following a major lineup change, and lose a key part of their identity along the way.

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Amarionette find their groove with new vocalist on “Baddest”

After announcing the joining of their new vocalist Spencer Issy Berry, Las Vegas’ own Amarionette have released a new single called “Baddest”, off of their upcoming AMVRI EP, out June 22nd! The song showcases the band’s continued evolution into pop songwriting, while retaining their penchant for technical, groovy instrumentation. Spencer’s vocals soar on the high-energy track, and things come to a climax with an explosive guitar solo by Nick Raya that feels straight out of the ’80s. If this is the future of Amarionette, it is sure to be a bright one.

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You Blew It! releases surprise benefit EP, “Pulse”


The senseless gun violence in the last 48 hours in Orlando, Florida has obviously been tragic. But in a testament to the human spirit and our ability to recover from anything, people are coming out in droves to donate blood, donate money to the families who’ve lost loved ones, and even just opening discussion on what we can do to prevent these sorts of events. While the latter is discussion for another time, musicians like Orlando’s You Blew It! are coming together to spread hope to the hurting, in the form of a surprise rarities/acoustics EP, Pulse. The EP is free to download, but if you want, you can also pay whatever you’d like for it – all donations are going to a local LGBT counseling center. Check out the EP below, and share this around to get the word out. It’s important we come together now, more than ever, in times of strife and crisis.

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