Natural State releases wacky, catchy new single “Rubber Copy Dangerous”

Chicago-based Natural State have only been at it for a year, and have geared up for their newest song “Rubber Copy Dangerous” which released today.

Something a bit different, Natural State are inspired by “horror movies, video games, and comic books,” and “Rubber Copy Dangerous” is lyrically centered around a gunfight with an ex-bounty hunter and an antagonist.

Vocalist Lou Cervantes tells in detail: “The main point of the song is to persevere under extreme conditions, even when a big scary illuminati werewolf is your biggest obstacle. I won’t dance around it either, the song has a clear political stance against the ultra wealthy. There are some themes in the album that also showcase the vices of hoarding wealth and power for selfish gains.”

I love covering songs that are absolute passion projects with a lot of time/thought sunk into them. It’s clear Lou and other members Clay Williams and Stephen Buuck are putting their all into Natural State, as this is a well-produced banger that I had on repeat writing this article. Reminiscent of the wonder years of My Chem and The Used with a tinge of Dance Gavin Dance has me head over heels for this band in no time.

Check out “Rubber Copy Dangerous” before Natural State takes off like they deserve to!