Hoobastank deliver the most unexpected musical comeback of 2018 so far

We’re barely over three months into 2018, and the year has so far been chock-full of surprises of every variety. So in that spirit, dear reader, I am going to utter a sentence so thoroughly unexpected that you may not have seen it spoken OR written in well over a decade. And the sentence is: “The new Hoobastank single is pretty good!”

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Interview: Jeff Kendrick of DevilDriver.



I recently had the chance to sit down with Jeff Kendrick from DevilDriver before their show at the House Of Blues in Orlando, we talked about their new record, and his favorite concert experience. DevilDriver are current on their second leg of their tour with Trivium, After The Burial and Thy Will Be Done, so look out for any dates coming near you. DevilDriver are also currently supporting their new album entitled “Winter Kills”, be sure to check it out.

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