My Ticket Home’s new single “Through The Needle’s Eye” takes alternative metal to new heights

Realistically, My Ticket Home’s 2017 album UnReal should have been that band’s breakout record. Arriving 4 years after Strangers Only marked a sea change in their overall style, the record has seen the band tour with Nothing More, which is pretty impressive – but it seems the best is yet to come for MTH.

The band’s new single, “Through The Needle’s Eye”, is a sharp, melodic blast of alternative metal. It is indeed heavier than anything off UnReal (except maybe “Flypaper”), it’s yet another doubling down of the band’s foray into that heralded genre – from the production values to even the guitar tone. It’s our Song Of The Week for a reason, and if My Ticket Home keeps this up, the heights they’ve recently reached will only be the beginning.

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Still think rock is “dead”? Nothing More, My Ticket Home, and The Contortionist are proving otherwise

When Gene Simmons made a statement a few years back that “rock is finally dead”, it likely had something to do with a seriously declining state of album sales, as well as rock artists and songs being dominated by seemingly throwaway pop and hip-hop tracks. While that may be true, rock and metal are at a creative high point yet again.

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My Ticket Home go back in time to 2001 in new video for “Hyperreal”

Transitions are an interesting thing, especially in the music world. When a band plays a certain genre of music, it’s easy to get labeled and pigeonholed in a way that makes any possible change in sound a difficult one, if not nearly impossible to avoid alienation from any previous fanbase you did have. This is exactly what Ohio’s self-styled “Puke Rock” band My Ticket Home had to go through between the release of their 2012 debut album To Create A Cure and the follow-up, 2013’s Strangers Only. The band’s shift from a solid but unspectacular post-hardcore outfit to a riff-heavy, pounding nu-metal influenced band was a shocking one, but also a move that proved vital to My Ticket Home’s success.

Fast forward to 2017, and you have My Ticket Home’s dynamic 3rd album, UnReal, which drops in a few weeks. It’s ultimately another stylistic shift into their Deftones, Quicksand, and Far influences – combining riff-heavy alternative metal with a less aggressive vocal style is something that clearly works on the band’s new track, “Hyperreal”. You can check out the new song below, as well as the band’s upcoming tour dates supporting Nothing More.

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Puke Rock Or Die: My Ticket Home @ Backbooth



Nick Giumenti – Bass/Vocals

Earlier this month, we were able to snap some photos of My Ticket Home at Backbooth in Orlando, Florida. They’re essentially a band bringing back the nu-metal revival from the late 90’s, and of all the bands to attempt the style, they’re near the top. The band consists of┬áNick Giumenti (Bass/Vocals), Derek Blevins (Guitar/Vocals), Marshal Giumenti -(Drums/Vocals) and Matt Gallucci (Guitar/Vocals).

Check out the photo gallery below.

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